University of Iowa Center for Human Rights Honors Michael Ratner at 10th Anniversary Celebration

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University of Iowa Center for Human Rights

November, 2009
Center for Constitutional Rights President, Michael Ratner, received the Courage of Conviction Award from The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR) at its ten year anniversary celebration in November 2009. The Courage of Conviction Award is an annual award presented by the UI Center for Human Rights, recognizing an individual or organization who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to human rights principles. The recipient of this award has shown long-term dedication through effective action to the meaningful advancement of dignity and justice for all people, and remarkable character by giving human rights a voice where it has none. This award recognizes the tremendous strength and integrity required of the individual advocate to act for the common good and the rights of individuals in the face of resistance and opposition, and often at political or personal cost. Throughout the two day celebration, Michael Ratner spoke at several events around campus, including part of the "Lawyers and Leaders" series and a featured guest for the premiere of "Worldways" with Joan Kjaer, a new UI International Programs monthly program, as well as delivering the keynote address for the UICHR 10th Anniversary conference.

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