People's Campaign for the Constitution (PCC)

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The People's Campaign for the Constitution is a non-partisan grassroots movement to take back our constitutional rights. Join today and work with a coalition in your community or congressional district to hold your legislators accountable to upholding the Constitution.

Fighting against just one violation at a time fragments our movement. It is time to unite to face the common source of these problems. To do this, we need to make our elected representatives more beholden to their constituents and to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution than to the power structure in Washington, DC.

The People's Campaign for the Constitution calls forth the power of the people to reassert our Constitution by joining forces around common beliefs and speaking to our elected representatives with a more powerful voice.

Sign the People's Campaign for the Constitution pledge. Become a part of a broad-based coalition in your area and hold your congressional representatives accountable to restoring the Constitution's full promise.

Visit the PCC website with this link.