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beyond guantanamoBeyond Guantanamo: Rescue the Constitution

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear CCR's case, Al Odah v. United States this fall (now consolidated with Boumediene v. Bush). Those named in the case, Fawzi al Odah, a CCR client, and Lakmar Boumediene, were illegally taken from Pakistan and Bosnia, respectively, and transferred to the Guantanamo detention center. Their combined case represents only the third time the high court will hear a Guantanamo-related issue. The previous two times, the court sided with the CCR and the Guantanamo petitioners they represented.

Though centered on these important cases, CCR’s Beyond Guantanamo campaign is about more than one person or one place or one time. It’s about moving our nation past the secret prisons, the torture and the dehumanization.

It’s about restoring justice and once again becoming a nation whose values are a beacon to other nations—not an embarrassment.

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New York Campaign for Telephone Justice

Since 1999, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has been fighting on the ground and in the courts to end the exploitative telephone contract between New York State and MCI/Verizon which charged family members 630 percent more for collect phone calls from their loved ones in prison than the average consumer.

This year, after three years of tireless work, we won! Find out more about our important victory.

Vist the New York Campaign for Telephone Justice microsite.