Sign Letter to President Obama Demanding He Release Yemeni Men & Close Guantánamo

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Please read, sign, and distribute this letter to President Obama to help us close Guantánamo.

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Close Guantánamo NowClose Guantánamo Now


President Obama has the power to close Guantánamo, and the new National Defense Authorization Act (2014 NDAA) recently approved by Congress makes it even easier for him to do so. President Obama must use his strengthened authority to fulfill his promise to close Guantánamo. More than half of the men detained at Guantánamo are from Yemen, and most of these men have been cleared for release by the Obama administration itself, with the unanimous consent of the CIA, FBI, Defense, Justice, and State Departments. They continue to be detained because of where they are from, and their collective punishment based on their nationality must end.

Tell President Obama to use his power under the law to release Yemeni men from Guantánamo. He cannot meet his promise to close the prison until he does so.