Fight to Keep Anti-Abortion Rules Out of Healthcare Bill

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CCR has fought for reproductive justice for women since the days when abortion was illegal. Decades later, women’s rights are still under attack. The proposed national health care reform being considered by Congress includes dangerous restrictions to a women’s right to choose and we must not let this happen. Take action today and write your Senator and Representative today.


The "Stupak Amendment” of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which is Congress’ health care reform bill, would: 1) prevent women participating in the public health insurance exchange from purchasing private insurance that covers abortion – even if they using their own money; 2) prevent women who receive tax subsidies from purchasing private insurance that covers abortion – even if they’re using their own money; and 3) In many cases, prevent low-income women from accessing abortion services entirely.

The “Stupak Amendment” would be a major downward shift in U.S. policy. This Amendment goes far beyond the Hyde Amendment of 1976, which made it illegal for federal funds to be spent on abortion, stripping millions of poor women of the right to choose. The legislators who are seeking to use health care reform to rollback women’s reproductive rights and their conservative supporters are working hard to ensure that these restrictive provisions are reconstituted in the final Bill.

The Center has joined in coalition with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), and over forty other groups, including the National Organization for Women and the Center for Reproductive Rights, to ensure that there is no such provision further restricting the right to choose in any final national health care legislation. We urge you to:

  1. Join the Coalition in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday December 2, 2009 for a National Day of Action – for more details go to Planned Parenthood's National Day of Action website.
  2. Write your Members of Congress urging them to not allow health care reform to become a platform to further restrict women’s reproductive rights.
  3. Sign Planned Parenthood's petition and help them to reach their goal of 100,000 signatures.
  4. Sign a petition at CREDO Action and send a coat hanger to the 20 formerly pro-choice Democrats – all men – who voted to pass the Stupak Amendment.

Over three decades ago, CCR challenged the Hyde Amendment, in the landmark abortion rights case Harris v. McRae as violating the First and Fifth Amendments by severely impacting the health or poor women by denying them a procedure that 1 in 3 women will have in her life. (For more information, visit the Harris v. McRae legal case page.) Unfortunately a sharply divided Supreme Court disagreed, and the Amendment stood. Now, thirty years later, the national debate on health care reform is being used as an excuse to roll back abortion rights. We cannot let this happen.

Thank you for standing with us as we fight for reproductive justice for all women.