Take Action: No U.S. Support for War Crimes by Israel!

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Please call the White House and send a letter to your representatives to protest the U.S. government’s continued support for Israel during an onslaught that has already killed hundreds of civilians.


Please take these two actions today:

1) Send a letter to your representatives and ask that they speak out publicly against Israel’s atrocities in Gaza and immediately call on the State Department to enforce the Leahy Law. The Leahy Law bars the U.S. from funding foreign military units and individuals where there is credible evidence that they took part in gross human rights violations.

2) Call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111 and protest its support of the Israeli government while evidence mounts of war crimes by the Israeli military.

Sample script for calls to the White House:

Hi, I am calling to protest US support of the Israeli government, as evidence mounts of war crimes by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip. Nearly two thousand civilians have been killed so far during Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, including at least 471 children, and the Israeli military is systematically destroying civilian infrastructure and housing. The President must condemn the ongoing atrocities by the Israeli military, and the United States government must end all military, economic, and diplomatic support for Israel.

(Updated 8/11/2014)

See CCR's factsheet on Gaza Attacks and International Humanitarian Law