Hold Bush Administration Officials Accountable for Torture

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We have launched a campaign calling for accountability - and criminal prosecutions - of those Bush administration officials responsible for torture and war crimes.

From Bush himself, to Vice President Dick Cheney, to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other top-ranking former administration officials, those who ordered and planned torture and war crimes must be held accountable. Join us at our online petition to call for just that accountability.

We are also calling upon Sen. Patrick Leahy, who is holding a hearing on March 4 of the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss a "truth commission" to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration, to support prosecutions for those government officials who violated the law. Sign a letter to Sen. Leahy and the Judiciary Committee calling for them to support prosecutions, and to oppose any immunity for the architects of these torture programs.

Also join us to call upon Sen. Leahy and the Judiciary Committee to put the voices of victims and survivors at the forefront of any inquiry. Those who were directly victimized by these policies must be heard, not simply government officials or those who were responsible for the victimization.

Tell Sen. Leahy that any commission must not become a mechanism to forestall or prevent criminal prosecutions. Those responsible for crafting the programs that violated the law and the Constitution must be held fully accountable, and ask him to support not only an investigatory commission, but also criminal prosecutions for these officials.