Occupy Wall Street Lives - Support the Movement!

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This week marked a new low in the efforts of the 1% to suppress dissent.  Join CCR in supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement.


This week marked a new low in the efforts of the 1% to suppress dissent. In the midst of attacks on OWS encampments across the country and around the world,  Mayor Bloomberg ordered the NYPD to descend on hundreds of protestors in the middle of the night, evicting them and destroying their camp.  This was a stealth campaign of intimidation and displacement, coordinated with 18 mayors across the country, and aimed at ending this ever-growing people’s movement.  Worse, the New York Supreme Court, tasked with protecting dissenting speech and expressive activity, ratified Mayor Bloomberg’s decision and refused to issue an injunction protecting the occupiers from eviction.  (Read the court order here.)  But, in the spirit of those who are committed to social and economic justice, the protestors will not be broken or deterred.

CCR stands in solidarity with the Occupy movement that is blooming in this nation’s very own Spring. These brave Occupiers have vowed to return, again and again, until it is clear that the movement is not a passing phenomenon. OWS is the beginning of a much-needed and long-awaited  challenge to corporate interests and influence that have caused severe economic hardship and enormous pain and loss to millions. As OWS grows in numbers, strength, and conviction, it becomes more powerful than the forces that try to silence it. CCR encourages the 99% to stand with the Occupy movement until the last embers of injustice have been snuffed out. Please join us in supporting this struggle for fairness and equality by contacting www.occupywallst.org to get more information and become involved.

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