Support the Egyptian People Now !

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Today, on February 2, 2011,  the Egyptian government intensified a coordinated campaign of violence against peaceful pro-democracy protestors who are now under siege. As of this post, the death toll is rising and hundreds have been injured. Please support the Egyptian people immediately by flooding the lines at the White House and State Department with calls and emails asking President Obama to unequivocally demand that President Hosni Mubarak stop the attacks against his people and heed their call for his government to step down. President Obama should end the more than $1 billion in U.S. military aid to Egypt until this brutal anti-democratic Egyptian government steps down.


 Contact the White House through this email link and call 202-456-1111 (comments), 202-456-1414 (switchboard) or 202-456-2461 (fax).

 Contact the State Department through this email link and call 202-647-6575 (comments) and 202-647-4000 (switchboard).
As you know, since January 25th a monumental and peaceful popular democratic movement has swept across Egypt demanding that President Hosni Mubarak and his repressive government step down after three decades in power. The millions of protestors have included men and women, young and old, rich and poor, religious and secular. This popular revolt is the biggest political challenge the Egyptian regime has seen from its citizens, who stand united in their brave calls for a new democratic Egypt.
Given long-standing U.S. government support for Egypt’s violent anti-democratic regime, we bear a particularly large responsibility to stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people right now, as they face escalating state violence in their efforts to conquer fear and seek freedom.

Watch this video and hear voices from the incredibly inspiring movement that the U.S.-backed Egyptian government is trying to crush. It was recorded on the ground in Egypt yesterday, before government-sponsored thugs and security forces escalated their attacks on the people.

(Attached photo below by Sabelo Narasimhan.)

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