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TAKE ACTION: Tell the DOJ to Prosecute U.S. Government officials responsible for Torture

The long-awaited Senate torture report proves that after 9/11 the CIA engaged in a sophisticated…

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Abu Ghraib Torture Victims May Sue U.S. Corporation, Appeals Court Rules

June 30, 2014, Richmond, VA – Today, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that…

CCR Welcomes Detention in Panama of Former CIA Station Chief Convicted in Italy for Role in Rendition

July 18, 2013, New York – Following news reports that the ex-CIA chief in Milan…

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Factsheet: Maher Arar and Extraordinary Rendition

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In 2002, Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen, was detained at a U.S. airport on his way home from a family trip. He was interrogated by U.S. officials about alleged links to al-Qaeda and was repeatedly denied the right to contact his family or a lawyer. He was then sent against his will to Syria, a country renowned for torture. Mr. Arar was interrogated, tortured and held in a grave-like underground cell in Syria during most of his year-long detention. No country, including the U.S., has ever charged him with any crime.

Please download our factsheet for more information about Maher Arar and CCR's case on his behalf, Arar v. Ashcroft.

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