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May, 2012
Center for Constitutional Rights, Culture Project, and Drug Policy Alliance produced this critical conversation about NYPD's stop, question and frisk policy. Featuring CCR Executive Director Vincent Warren and special guest Rha Goddess!

In 2011, over 684,000 people were stopped by the NYPD, 87 percent of whom were Black and Latino residents — although they comprise only about 23 percent and 29 percent of New York City’s total population respectively. 2011 is the highest year on record for stops, representing more than a 600 percent increase over a ten year period. As part of the Culture Project's Blueprint for Accountability series, panelists will discuss the history of the policy, its impact on communities of color and implications for policing practices nationwide.

Featuring: Chris Bilal, advocate for social and economic justice and campaign staff for Streetwise and Safe (SAS); Chino Hardin, lead know-your-rights trainer for the Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform and Alternatives (IJJRA); Gabriel Sayegh, Director of the Drug Policy Alliance's New York policy office; Vincent Warren, Executive Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights; Asha Bandele (moderator), award-winning author and journalist; and special guest Rha Goddess!