News Related to Guantanamo

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What's Next for Gitmo, Detainees and U.S. Handling of Terror Suspects?

A decade after the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, began accepting prisoners, the debate continues over how the U.S. treats terror suspects. Jeffrey Brown discusses the ongoing issue of military detention …

Correspondence: The Center for Constitutional Rights vs. Jack Goldsmith

In a correspondence between Jack Goldsmith and CCR Legal Director Baher Azmy, Professor Goldsmith credits Michael Ratner and the Center for Constitutional Rights for initiating—and consistently sustaining—challenges to the Bush Administration’s Guantanamo Bay…

International Human Rights Body Admits First Guantánamo Case: Rights Groups Urge an End to the Indefinite Detention of Algerian

March 30, 2012, New York and D.C. — Today, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued a landmark admissibility report in the case of Djamel Ameziane, an Algerian man imprisoned at the U.S. Naval…

NDAA Does Not Comply With Constitution

Shayana Kadidal, the senior managing attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, speaks with Homeland Security NewsWire’s executive editor Eugene K. Chow; Kadidal discusses the legal challenges of closing Guantanamo Bay, the…

Gitmo: 10 Years Of Injustice And Disgrace

On the tenth anniversary of Guantanamo bay detention center, CCR Executive Director, Vince Warren, discusses a decade of injustice and disgrace, emphasizing the importance of closing the detention center.

Guantánamo: Still A Part Of America's Conscience, A Decade On

Guantanamo remains a part of America’s conscience ten years later. Despite Obama’s promises, some 171 inmates remain at Guantanamo bay after 600 were released. Only six detainees were ever convicted.

Guantánamo at 10: The Defeat Of Liberty By Fear

CCR President, Michael Ratner, discusses Guantanamo's 10th anniversary and the deterioration of civil and human rights in post-9/11 America, and the breakdown of a body politic that occurs when a country attacks its…

Lawsuit Seeks Disclosure of Guantánamo Interrogation Videos

A legal group filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit on Monday asking that videotapes showing the interrogation of a terror detainee at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, be made public.

'Tortured' Guantánamo Bay Prisoner Seeks Release of Secret Videos

A new federal lawsuit seeks to force the U.S. government to make public “extremely disturbing” videotapes of a Saudi national, Mohammed al-Qahtani, whose abuse at the Guantanamo Bay prison has been called “torture” by a…

10 Years Later, Guantánamo Represents Obama’s Failed Promise

CCR Legal Director, Baher Azmy, elaborates on President Obama’s biggest failed promise: how after 10 years since the prison camp opened, and three years after Obama pledged to close it, Guantánamo goes on.