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Speak Out Against Discriminatory Federal Prison Units

Please join CCR in speaking out against the Communications Management Units (CMUs). The Federal…

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Previously-Secret Prison Docs Show Constitutional Violations in Experimental Prison Units

April 23, 2014, Washington D.C. – For the first time, hundreds of documents detailing the…

Lawsuit Exposes FBI Abuse of No Fly List to Coerce Individuals to Become Informants

April 23, 2014, New York – Late last night, the CLEAR project (Creating Law Enforcement…

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Risks for Non-citizens Participating in Occupy Wall Street

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People march in support of immigrant rights, Atlanta, GA , July 2011.

UPDATE: Because of the implementation of the Secure Communities program in New York City, this resource is out of date. We will update as soon as possible. (May 14, 2012)

Download "Risks for Noncitizens Participating in Occupy Wall Street" (PDF)


If you are not a citizen, even if you have a “green card” or a visa, being arrested might have serious consequences in your life. You might have problems with immigration in the future or could face deportation. You already make practical choices almost every day.  This practical experience and your common sense are the best guide when deciding whether to leave a particular location or whether to risk arrest through direct action or civil disobedience. Sometimes, noncitizens arrested during a civil disobedience action face risks of transfer to immigration custody and deportation. 

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