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TAKE ACTION: Tell the DOJ to Prosecute U.S. Government officials responsible for Torture

The long-awaited Senate torture report proves that after 9/11 the CIA engaged in a sophisticated…

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State of Louisiana v. Wallace (New Orleans First Appearances)

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CCR filed an amicus brief to the Louisiana Supreme Court in State of Lousiana v. Wallace, 200-KK-1621. The amicus was the result of a campaign and survey coordinated by CCR to observe every New Orleans criminal court first appearance for 60 straight days. The amicus reported that there are routine and systemic constitutional and statutory violations in the New Orleans system, and that magistrates spent only, on average, about 100 seconds on each case before them.


The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled unanimously on November 6, 2009 that New Orleans criminal court judges must hold a probable cause determination of all arrested people still in custody within 48 hours, or immediately release them on their own recognizance.


Alexis Agathocleous, Darius Charney, Sunita Patel, and Bill Quigley were involved in this matter with assistance from Audrey Stewart of New Orleans. Alexis Agathocleous and Sunita Patel wrote the amicus.

Press release, September 15, 2009.