Surveillance and Attacks on Dissent

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U.S. military and civilian officers monitoring station.

CCR represents demonstrators who have been wrongfully arrested and movements that have been infiltrated and spied on. For decades, the U.S. government has engaged in unlawful surveillance and attempted to expand Executive powers to monitor and intimidate activists, from the Black Panthers in the 1960’s and 70’s to the Central America Solidarity Movement in the 80’s to administration critics today. The right to dissent, for activists and citizens to protest government practices, is a right our nation’s founders recognized as one of the most fundamental and necessary liberties for a democratic society.

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Animal Legal Defense Fund, et al. v. Otter, et al. (Amicus)

CCR has filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs in ALDF v. Otter, a challenge to Idaho’s “ag-gag” law, which punishes recording inside of or obtaining records from an agricultural production facility and…

Clapper, et al. v. Amnesty International USA, et al. (amicus)

CCR filed a friend of the court brief in this surveillance case before the Supreme Court on the question of whether plaintiffs who have been forced to change their behavior to avoid government surveillance have…

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Leaked Guidelines for Placement on No-Fly List Show System Ripe for Abuse

July 24, 2014, New York – Attorneys at the CLEAR project (Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility) of CUNY Law School and the Center for Constitutional Rights issued the following statement today in response to the publication yesterday by The… Read More >>

United States v. United States District Court

United States v. United States District Court, briefed and argued before the Supreme Court by CCR in February 1972, arose out of a federal conspiracy prosecution in which the government admitted wiretapping the defendant without a warrant. Read More >>

United States v. Union Nacional de Trabajadores

United States v. Union Nacional de Trabajadores is a lawsuit that grew out of National Labor Relations Board v. Union Nacional de Trabajadores. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed the suit on behalf of the Puerto Rican Union Nacional… Read More >>